Patient Education
Bruno Lima Award Essay on Disaster Psychiatry  / Allan H. Rabin, MD
Bruno Lima Award Application: References / Allan H. Rabin, MD
Self Esteem-Can Self Esteem be bad for your child? Frank Furedi, U. of Kent, England
Behavior Modification / Compilation of References by Allan H. Rabin, MD
Families and Other Social Systems / Compilation of References by Allan H. Rabin, MD
Training and Application in Special Interests / Allan H. Rabin, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Tourette Syndrome Association /  WebLink
Bipolar Child or Adolescent /  WebLink
Teen Line-Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles /  WebLink
Bedwetting-nocturnal enuresis-Max Maizels /  WebLink
Russell Barkley: Genetics of executive functions and ADHD, JAACAP, Aug 2000 /  WebLink
Undertanding Child Development-David Elkind, PhD(author of "The Hurried Child")- Center for Social and Emotional Education /  WebLink
Bipolar Child Newsletters: index /  WebLink
Child Bipolar Questionaire and Research Criteria /  WebLink
Parents Med Guide March 2005-Antidepressant Concerns /  WebLink
Psychosocial Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-John Marsh, MD 1997 /  WebLink
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Facts for Families /  WebLink
Because Kids Grow Up-NAMI NEWS /  WebLink

Child Development
Parenting Toolbox /  WebLink
Tufts University Child and Family Webguide /  WebLink
Dr. Tom McIntyre-Hunter College on Applied Behavioral Analysis and Life Space Interviewing, etc.  /  WebLink
Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders(aka Exceptional Children)-(ie Fritz Redl, David Wineman) /  WebLink
CYC NET-Intl. Child and Youth Care Network /  WebLink
Child Development Institute /  WebLink
Social thinking: problems and interventions with PDD-Michelle Garcia Winner's  /  WebLink
"The Nurture Assumption..."-Judith Rich Harris /  WebLink
Child development articles: J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry and Yale Child Study Center /  WebLink
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development- "Adventures in Parenting", also autism, etc.  /  WebLink
Family and Work Institute-"to inform decision-making on the changing workplace, changing family and changing community."  /  WebLink
Fatherhood Project Homepage of Work and Family Institute /  WebLink
Center for Social and Emotional Education-tools to help transform problems into opportunities. /  WebLink
All Kinds of Minds-Mel Levine, MD re: Learning and learning disabilities /  WebLink
Mel Levine-On Learning-Oprah show /  WebLink
Is Your Child Overweight? American Academy of Pediatrics /  WebLink
Welcome Addition Club-pregnancy and parenting advise sign up form. /  WebLink
Reward Suggestions for Kids-Robert Myers, Child Development Institute,  /  WebLink
D.W. Winnicott-quotations /  WebLink
Ghosts in the Nursery-Fraiberg, etal /  WebLink
Keeping Mind in Mind: Reflection and Mentalization in the Service-Learning Classroom. 2008 Dan Livney M S /  WebLink
"High Maintenance Child" /  WebLink

Addiction Psychiatry
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Web Page Index CA State /  WebLink
Hazelden Foundation for Substance Abuse /  WebLink
Hazelden Butler Center Research Updates /  WebLink
Stanton Peel Addiction Web Page /  WebLink
National Institute of Drug Abuse(NIDA) /  WebLink
UCLA: Integrated Substance Abuse Programs/Drug Abuse Research Center/Directory of Treatment Programs in U.S.A /  WebLink
Drug Abuse Warning Network(DAWN)/SAMSA-Statistics, etc.  /  WebLink
Buprenorphine Training Curriculum 2003 /  WebLink
Prescription Drug Abuse-"PAINFULLY OBVIOUS"-for parents and children and teens /  WebLink
History of Pain-UCLA Symposium-Opium, Boxer Rebellion, etc /  WebLink
Abstracts of International Association for the Study of Pain /  WebLink

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention /  WebLink
NARSAD(National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression-also see Research Newsletter here. /  WebLink
American Academy of Family Practice-Mental Health /  WebLink
Mental Disorders-Karolinska Institutet-web sites /  WebLink
Psychiatry Web sites-Hardin Library of Health Scienes-U. Iowa /  WebLink
Surrealist Writers-psychiatric influences, Freud, Janet, etc.  /  WebLink
"Nadja", Surrealist Romance of Andre Breton(1896-1966) and Pierre Janet(1859-1947) /  WebLink
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder /  WebLink
Carlat Report in Psychiatry /  WebLink
Eating Disorders / AAP
American Psychiatric Association /  WebLink
Clinical Psychiatry News /  WebLink
Psychiatric Times /  WebLink

Be Safe
Teaching Tolerance Magazine /  WebLink
Preventing Hate Crime in Lakeside, CA /  WebLink
National Disaster Medical Services /  WebLink
Tornado, Topeka, June 1966 /  WebLink
Pierre Janet-personal statement-relevance to psychological trauma, etc.  /  WebLink
Biological Response to Psychic Trauma...Intrusion and Numbing. By Van Der Kolk and Saporta /  WebLink
Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster.... from American Psychiatric Association /  WebLink
Stanley Milgram: Studies on human obedience; "six degrees of separation", etc.  /  WebLink
ImpacTeen /Robert Wood Johnson/U. Illinois-Web pages /  WebLink
"Mind Over Matter"-web page about drugs of abuse /  WebLink
Youth Violence-Surgeon General /  WebLink
"Youth and Violence: Students Speak Out for a More Civil Society" - instead of a "...a seemingly inescapable culture that celebrates sameness, the one right way to be 'in.'...". Family&Work Instit.&Colorado Tr. /  WebLink
Injury, Violence, and Suicide Prevention-Healthy People 2010 Resources /  WebLink
"Psychoneuroses of War"-W.H.R. Rivers Instincrt and the Unconscious /  WebLink
SAFE SCHOOL-Office of Special Education Programs /  WebLink
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention /  WebLink
Shell Shock and Its Lessons: Grafton Elliott Smith and Tom Hatherly Pearl /  WebLink

Staying Healthy
Three Kinds of Exercise / AMA
Fitness Basics / AMA
Nutrition Guides for Patients /  WebLink
Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma-Nicholas Institute /  WebLink
Pacific Crest Trail /  WebLink
California State Park Foundation /  WebLink
California State Parks Web Page /  WebLink
San Diego County Parks and Recreation /  WebLink
USDA Recreation /  WebLink
City of San Diego Parks and Recreation /  WebLink
William Menninger on Emotional Maturity /  WebLink
Mind Over Body in Sports /  WebLink
Healthy Cities Project-Leonard Duhl interview about background at Menninger, etc.  /  WebLink
Exercize and Diet-Jim Karas: strength and resistance training, Harris-Benedict Metabolic Equation /  WebLink
Alcohol Screening: Use vs Abuse of Alcohol /  WebLink
Resources for children's physical activity and recreation: New Hampshire Association for Health, Physical Education&Recreation&Dance /  WebLink
William James: Principles of Psychology; Moral Equivalent of War; etc.  /  WebLink
Rachel Naomi Remen, MD-Recovery of The Sacred-Some Thoughts on Medical Reform /  WebLink /  WebLink
Sky and Telescope. com /  WebLink
Feeling Overworked: When Work Becomes Too Much-Galinsky, Kim, and Bond-Family and Work Institute, 2001 /  WebLink
Effects on Work Productivity and Wellbeing: 1997 Study of the Changing Workforce-work, family and personal life. Family and Work Institute. /  WebLink
Health Policy Coach "...politics is the negotiating process by which a civil society decides who gets what, when and how. Politics produces policy."  /  WebLink
String Art /  WebLink
Haiku-Frog Pond Autumn 2000 /  WebLink
Tupac Shakir: "...mama's just a little girl" /  WebLink
Henry Schaefer-Simmern-Unfolding of Artistic Activity /  WebLink
Swimming Pool Exercizes /  WebLink
Human Creativity: its cognitive basis, its evolution and its connections to childhood pretense. 2002 Peter Caruthers. BrJ PhilSci 53.2.225 /  WebLink

Frequently Asked Questions
Merk Manual Home Edition /  WebLink
Merk Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment /  WebLink
Medline /  WebLink
Autism Resources /  WebLink
Autism Research Institute of San Diego /  WebLink
Psychology Classics-York University /  WebLink
Harvard Medical School Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project /  WebLink
"Critical Theory of the Family" by Mark Poster, UCI 1988 /  WebLink